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Natassia Malthe, [Lina Teal, her acting name in USA], 22, never expected to become a model. But a trip to Hongkong changed all that for the Malaysian-Norwegian beauty.

Birthday: January 19, 1978

Birthplace: Norway Home Base: Los Angeles, but plans to move to the big Apple after that (Robert de Niro is opening a movie studio there and what better way to further her acting career!)

Profession: Model and part-time actress. She's into commercial, print and ramp modeling. Natassia is a Cal Carries talent. One of the most in-demand models in the country today, who has since done print and TV ads for Giordano, Pantene, Axe and Johnson's pH 5.5. She was in Disturbing Behavior with Katie Holmes --- I start off the movie, but get killed off, "she laughs. She completed Lake Placid with Bridget Fonda and Bill Pullman - "Hope, I make the final cut

Family: She's the younger of the two daughters of Harald Malthe, a lawyer; and Phin Malthe, a doctor. Her only sister is Kristin Malthe, who is also a Giordano girl.

Super Model Perks: She loves travelling on the job! Modeling also allows her to afford more studies and do what she loves most - acting. "If I didn't get into modeling, I wouldn't have been able to see America and pursue my acting career."

If She Were Not A Model

"... I would probably be a psychologist or an environmentalist or an actress. My interests are still changing, so I can't say for sure."

Her Name Is Flexibility...

"How do I describe myself? I'd have to say that I'm an easy-going and funny person. I like everyone I meet. I tend to be a romantic and an idealist, though, and sometimes it's frustrating because it's a vision that's almost impossible to live up to in real life."

The Only Way To Live..."

"... is living in a way that I can remain as balanced and joyful as possible, and always giving what is positive to people around you."

Speaking Of Positive Energy...:

"Every morning, when I wake up, I always make sure that I adjust my attitude to a positive one even if I'm feeling down."

Her Favorite Outfit:

"When I don't have to work, I like simply being in a white T-shirt and a pair of comfortable sweat pants. Comfort is very important to me."

True Colors

"My favorite colors are all shades of blue and pastels. I like happy colors."

The Best Lesson from Her Parents

"The best teaching that I got from my parents was building good work ethics. That helps me a lot in my work now."

Rubbing Elbows With the Famous

"I've met Mark Wahlberg, the actor from the movie The Corruptor and is known as the Rap Artist and Calvin Klein model Marky Mark. I also had the chance to meet the artist formerly known as Prince briefly after his concert in Sweden. I always thought that being a star would make life easy, but meeting them made me realize that famous people are real people and that they're no different from others. Life isn't about being rich and famous. I also realized that success isn't easy to achieve, and that famous people worked extremely hard to deserve the fame that they're enjoying."

Places Of Her Dreams

"Of all the places in the world, Egypt, Tibet and Spain are the countries that I want to visit someday."

Her Fondest Childhood Memories

"Whenever I think of my childhood, I remember the summer days that we spent in the beaches of Norway."

The Most Unusual Thing That She Has Done...

"...traveling just to see a friend that I happened to miss and staying there for just a week."

Happiness is..

"... having the desires of my heart and the jobs that I've always wanted, and being in love with someone who feels the same way about me."

Dreams of Marriage

"I'd like to someday see myself married to my true love and starting a big family, and at the same time still having an artistic job."

Love & Forgiveness

"I believe that we should all learn to love ourselves and forgive anyone who's ever hurt us so that we can live a happy and contented life."

Her Dream : To keep on modeling and doing films. "I also want to get really healthy, and to study subjects I'm passionate about like mystical religions, creative writing, history, and literature."

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